The University of Iowa Veterans Association and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Student Veteran Organization are teaming up to raise awareness for US Military Veteran Suicide.While these two schools rival when it comes to football they have come together for a bigger cause.

The military Veteran students will coordinate a ruck march of the game ball from Kinnick Stadium 347 miles to Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska, for the November 24th Cornhusker vs. Hawkeye football game.

Our Ruckers will be carrying 20 lbs to honor the 20 Veterans who take their own lives every day. The 20 lbs will be comprised of personal belongings of the volunteer ruck marchers. These belongings will hold personal significance to their military experiences, or honor the service of friends or family.

‚ÄčThe 347 mile ruck march will kick off on Wednesday, November 15th, 2017. Team Iowa will hand off the game ball to Team Nebraska on Sunday, November 19st at Freedom Rock 1199 IA-25 Menlo, Iowa.

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